A burst of sedentary activity

January 16, 2019

Four posts in one day! And now I am caught up to the present, after every post in this blog to date was posted after the fact. To what do I owe such a burst of literary zeal? What caused the news muse to visit me? Uhh… 7 hours of daytime flying, on a business trip from Lima to Mexico City to Monterrey. I usually try to fly overnight but that wasn’t a good option for this route. I wasn’t tired and I can only read so much email before I start to burn out. So I got out the blog and started typing. In fact, most of my blog posts get written from airline seats.

It’s nice to be caught up, although I probably won’t have much to write about for the next few months…

Author: Larchmont Jim

A 50-something investment banker from Larchmont, New York (about 15 miles from midtown Manhattan). Amateur small boat sailer, boatbuilder, kayaker, musician. I grew up spending summers sailing the New England coast on my grandfather’s beautiful 47’ 1952 Sparkman & Stevens wooden yawl. I’ve lived in Larchmont, a major and historic sailing center on Long Island Sound, for 25 years, but career and family obligations kept me off the water for all of my 30s and 40s, and only about 7 years ago did I get back on the water, first in sea kayaks, and then in small boats.

2 thoughts on “A burst of sedentary activity”

  1. Enjoying your blog as much as I enjoyed catching up on the build of the Grey Fox. Right now I’m in the process of deciding between a CIY and a Caravelle 14 from Clint. Learning a lot from you (Don’t cleat the mainsheet!). Ha. Keep up the great work… Pete


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